Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter announced, folding design, $300 and available on December 15


Yep, it’s a scooter. It costs 2000 RMB and it is foldable. Maximum power is up to 500W, and it goes up to 25km/h with pneumatic tires and pretty good stability it seems. It goes up to 30km per charge (that is if you are riding up to 75kg on it, so start working out). It also has LED indicators for power and BMS battery management which can tell you health of each battery in real time via the app and all that fancy stuff.

Overall, it is a very good scooter if you’re in such kind of thing. Now let’s wait for a proper full-on bike or even a car in a year or two…

It will be available on December 15 in China. More info below if you can’t access weibo link: