In Shanghai, Hands-on with the 256GB Mi MIX

I went to the Xiaomi Home store in Shanghai in Joy City mall, and loved it.

Some hands-on impressions:

  • Extremely well built. Feels like a tank, and ceramic gives you a reassuring impression that this thing will not scratch easily. Don’t trust me? Here’s a video from Jerry Rig Everything.
  • Definitely heavier than your average big phone.
  • Fingerprint magnet on the back as clearly indicated with photos.
  • Option to hide software buttons at the bottom and make all menu items float makes the whole screen even bigger.
  • Camera was not extremely impressive in terms of quality, but shutter speed and responsiveness overall were outstanding.
  • Selfie experience was fun and worked very well when you flip the phone upside down. UI had no issues changing up and it all worked like a normal phone.
  • Fingerprint scanner and camera are completely flat with the phone and it feels really good. Speaking of fingerprint scanner – it is lightning fast.
  • Edges are soft and smooth so it does not really dig into your hand at all, but either way this is a 2-handed phone unless you’re Hulk.
  • Overall TL;DR? Phone is extremely impressive in terms of both design and performance.