Xiaomi Mi5s is doing great in China in terms of availability

The day that Xiaomi introduced Mi5s, we received the news with a bit of skepticism in terms of its actual availability online. However, unlike Mi5 Pro, Mi5s is not going out of stock nearly as fast, and that’s a good thing.


As you can see, even right now, at this very moment, you can purchase Mi5s, 128GB version, white/gold/pink. The black model however, is less common in terms of its availability, but if you want it real bad, you can try refresh a few times during the day and you may just get lucky with that one as well.

In addition to that, Mi5s Plus is also available at all times in all sizes, and we expect a healthy increase of sales within China just because they are now able to keep up with the demand (which admittedly may be just lower compared to the Mi5, but still).

So there you have it, Mi5s is not suffering the same faith that Mi5 did at its launch in China. Who knows, maybe Xiaomi just gave up on fancy ceramic options now and is rolling with a bit less exciting designs that can actually be manufactured at a steady pace. Either way, let’s see how rumored Mi Note 2 launch goes in November!