Ceramic is hard to come by for Mi5, apparently

UntitledXiaomi just updated their website offering Mi5 Pro with a normal glass back (selected on the screenshot). The difference between ceramic and glass back? 100 RMB (from 2699 to 2599). That’s it. So people that want to get their chance at the flash sale of Pro, can now hope to grab -100 RMB off version of the Mi5 Pro “Glass” Edition.

Somehow I have a feeling that people that are aiming for the best will ask for the best. But time will tell.

In other news, visiting an official Xiaomi Store in Shanghai for example does not yield any higher chances at you obtaining Pro – or even 64gb version. We’ve visited the store last week and the staff there told us that we can only place a preorder and hope to get the Pro in a month or so. Rare Pepe? More like Rare Mi, amirite?


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