Xiaomi’s $150 Rice Cooker Announced because why not


Have you ever dreamed of controlling your rice cooker from your phone? Well, now you can! You can stop dreaming if you move to China and get one of these bad boys that will cook your rice to a perfection whenever you want it to do so. Given that you pre-load the cooker with the rice and more precisely rice that has been packed in individual packs that have bar codes on them so the rice cooker knows how to cook this specific brand of rice.

In addition to the rice cooker, Xiaomi also announced Water Purifier 2, Router 3, Cannon Speaker 2, Piston 4 headphones and 4-way USB charger, just for good measure.

Sounds good in theory, the rice cooker. Will definitely go well with my Xiaomi water purifier, air purifier and scale. I just wish they all came also in black.