Xiaomi Mi5 Review: Ars Technica


Another review. Ars Technica likes almost everything except the camera in low light, limited LTE band support overseas and weird software choices. As expected. Read the whole thing. Here is their TL;DR:

The Good

  • A Snapdragon 820 for an amazing $305.
  • Build quality worthy of a much more expensive phone.
  • Fast, accurate fingerprint reader.
  • USB Type-C.
  • The camera isn’t up to the level of a $700 camera, but for $305, it’s pretty good.

The Bad

  • Broken permissions system allows some apps to slip through without user consent.
  • Unlabeled “back” and “recent” buttons can be confusing.
  • No “always on” voice support.
  • It’s a China-only phone, so the LTE bands won’t work in most countries.
  • Glass back is fragile.

The Ugly

  • MIUI’s stagnant interface has made it a feature-killing disaster on Marshmallow.

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