Subscribe To #1: C4ETech

In the “Subscribe To” series we are going to cover the highest quality tech reviewers and journalists of Xiaomi products on a global scale.

In this very first episode, we are going to talk about Ash, from C4ETech YouTube channel.

Ash has been doing an amazing job covering Xiaomi products from both India and China. He does of course lag just a bit behind with Chinese products due to shipping and customs, but still – he is amazingly fast considering everything.

He is also incredibly passionateĀ about other companies, but what fascinated me the most about his channel is that he is basically the “MKBHD of India”. His videos are very on point, clean and full of information that you want to hear. Of course, from time to time he will go on a rant in a video or two about specific topics – but again, all his videos do have a valid point and are enjoyable to watch. Benchmarks, heat tests, gaming tests, camera tests, every single detail is done right over at his channel.

In addition, he would often drop a few guides, tips and tricks and similar kind of videos regarding the new MIUI versions that come out – both global and Chinese.

Overall, his channel is worth checking out as to me, he is one of the best Xiaomi reviewers out there.